The .LAW domain is available. Do you need it? How can you get it?

On Oct. 12, 2015, the new .law web address will be available for registration.

The .law web address will function just like other familiar domains such as .com or .org.

The .law domain will be for sale only to accredited lawyers and law firms. Applicants will have their credentials checked. You can register a .law domain with Minds + Machines.

Apparently, M+M will also be involved in partnerships with affinity organizations such as LMA (Legal Marketing Association) and DRI (a defense bar group). Current information is that standard names such as will cost $200, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Premium” names such as are supposed to start around $500.

Protect your brand and your rights.

Even if you don’t actively use a .law domain, you may want to consider registering one as a defensive measure to protect your brand. Email us with questions or call DLS at 212-255-3464.