What Happened When Three Lawyers Started A New Law Firm

February 10, 2016 DLS Design Company News

They found out they needed a website, and where to get it … 

Scott, a sixth-year associate, put down his pencil. He had just come to a decision. He walked down the hall and knocked on Mike’s door. Mike looked up, not completely surprised.

“Mike,” Scott said, “let’s get a cup of coffee.”

When they had settled in with their coffee, Scott got right to the point. “Mike, we can do much better if we start our own firm.” Mike leaned back in his chair. “I was just having the same conversation with Julie,” he said.

“You mean Julie down the street? At the firm where you used to work?”

“Yeah. Let me give her a call!”

Julie arrived soon, with a laptop and a smile. An hour later, their new law firm was born.

A new law firm needs to put many things in place: finances, insurance, office space… the list is almost endless. One of the most important needs is a means to tell their story, and get the word out. This, of course, is done via the firm’s website.

DLS Design Gets the Call

For over ten years, DLS Design has gotten the call whenever a new law firm is created. We have worked with dozens of these talented, entrepreneurial lawyers. We create their website, logo and branding, print materials, social media and more. And we have watched many law firms grow, keeping step with their needs as they do so. Hosting their website, emailings, special projects.

So if you’re about to make the plunge, call DLS Design today. Or email us.